Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flower nail art tutorial

I was bored yesterday so I decided to do a bit of nail art because I haven't done any in a while. I turned out to really like them and it was really easy to do!

Clockwise from top left - jewel in the crown, Topshop - Pistachio ice-cream, MUA - Blood orange, BarryM - Papaya, BarryM
  1. First paint your nails any colour you like
  2. Using a dotting tool/cocktail stick/end of nail varnish brush to create two small red dots next to each other. Repeat this a couple of times on each nail.
  3. This step is the same as number 2 but this time use an orange nail varnish and put two dots around each of the red dots.
  4. Lastly using a dotting tool or cocktail stick make little green lines around the dots.

If you try this out show me on Instagram!
See you soon
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  1. Hi! LOVED this post, I've been trying to do something like that for a long long time! It's looks so pretty yet so simple. Definitly going to try that out! :)
    I'll show you on Instagram in a couple of days! :D
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  2. wow hunny great nails cari my blogging partner would love these!


  3. Very beautiful mani :) Amazing tutorial :)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  4. lovely nail art ! Would you like to follow each other :) xx

  5. Lovely post and I LOVE your nails , such a cute blog.