Sunday, 18 August 2013

17 Wild Metallics Eyes Review

Hello everybody, as you might know from my recent beauty wish I wanted one of the Maybelline colour tattoos but every time I'm in boots or Superdrug I can never see a colour I want so when I saw this cream eye shadow from 17 I couldn't resist.
I got shade wild bronze and it was £3.99 so its definitely affordable. Its really easy to use and smooths out onto my eye lid really easily. However its quite sticky so it would smudge a bit when I opened my eyes when I first put it on and it took quite a while to dry.
I wore this on its own and loved how it looked but I think it would also look nice as a base. Its quite sparkly so if you don't like a bit of sparkle I wouldn't recommend this.
When I came to take of my makeup I was actually quite surprised that it was still on as sometime I find eye shadows can rub off.
I would definitely recommend this and I think I might be going back to boots soon to purchase another one.
Hope this has been helpful to you!
See you soon
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  1. Hi I love your blog and will definitely be checking these out!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award, the post with all the questions e.t.c is on my blog except for I don't think it's the most recent post (I'm not sure why!)
    I love your blog and your Instagram!
    Katie xx