Sunday, 30 June 2013

Colour show - Chalk dust

Hello everybody, about 3 weeks ago I got a couple of the Maybelline colour show nail varnishes. considering I've had them for that long I've only just tried one of them! So today I thought I would do a little review on it.
Maybelline - colour show - chalk dust - £2.99
I have never seen a nail varnish like this before so it drew me in straight away. When I used it I expected it to be a black nail varnish with white dots in it but it is actually a clear nail varnish with black and white dots in. Because of this I had to paint my nails black then put this on top, but it still looked really good.
 I wore this for a couple of days with a top coat on top and it didn't chip at all as I find quite a lot of nail varnishes chip really easily.
As this is a glitter nail varnish it is a pain in the neck to get off, However if you go to she has a video that tells you how to get glittler nail varnish off really easily and it works really easily.
So overall I would really recommend getting this as its really good, I'm surprised it isn't more expensive!
See you soon
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  1. This is such a gorgeous nail polish! I got the marshmallow white one yesterday and I'm in love with it!

    Now following your blog :)

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  2. Love the nail polish!
    Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)