Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday haul

Hello everybody, as you probably know from my packing blogpost that I've been away on holiday! I went to Spain and today I'm just going to show you some things I got. I plan to do another holiday blog probably tomorrow but just showing some pictures I took because we went to some really beautiful places.

When we went to Girona we popped into Zara and I picked up this little perfume which comes in a little roller bottle. I got it in the rose scent and it smells gorgeous, its just a really summery scent. I've never seen this in a Zara in the UK but its definitely worth having a look to see, it was only 3.99 euros as well which is a huge bonus considering its Zara. I also bought a headband from Zara which is burgundy with a kind of gold chain weaved through it. I'm the type of person who likes having my hair out of my face so I thought this would be really nice in my hair. The last thing I got from Zara was this oversized floral t-shirt. I kind of fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I just love the pattern on it and its so comfortable. I will definitely get my moneys worth from this.

We also went to Pull and bear in Girona and I got a pair on ankle length jeans. I discovered pull and bear last year when I was in Palma and I loved it so much so when I saw one I couldn't resist going in. There are 4 Pull and bears in the Uk but none near where I live so that's annoying because I love this shop so much. I think these jeans are great for summer, well UK's summers anyway, as they're a really light denim and I think them being ankle length makes them even more summery. They go with loads but I think they looks really nice with cami tops. I'm wearing my bright green one from Topshop.
When I was in h&m I got this lip balm and it smells so so good. I don't think they sell these in these in the UK but I might be wrong.  Its nice and hydrating on the lips but the only bad thing is that is huge for a lip balm so its not very good for just having in your bag or something, but that's the only bad thing I can say about it!


 When we were in a market I saw this bag and I couldn't not buy it. Its not something I would usually go for but I like it because its just so colourful and it stands out a lot, it would definitely brighten up and dull outfit. Its also a really good size as it can fit quite a lot in but its not to big.

The last thing I got was this nail varnish which is just the brightest green. I don't own a nail varnish like this and I have been loving this colour recently and for my holiday I bought a cami this colour (shown above in the picture on my jeans) I haven't worn it on my nails yet so I can't say if its any good or not and I have never heard of this brand before so hopefully its good!

So that's everything I got in Spain! Tomorrow if I have time I'll do another little holiday blog with just some pictures of where I went.
See you soon!
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